Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Giveaway : The Up-Cycled Pillow

You may remember that I announced the opening of my Etsy shop, The Up-Cycled Pillow, where I am repurposing beautiful designer fabrics destined for the garbage. When you have a blog and a shop, the option is clear : hello first ever MHHM giveaway!

Here's how this is all going to go down.

The winner will receive two Up-Cycled Pillow cases of their choice out of those listed on the site at the time of their selection (after the winner is announced).

The giveaway begins today and will close Monday, December 12th at 12:00am.

You can enter one of four ways :
  1. Follow Making Home Homemade on your favorite blog feed! After you have done so, leave me a comment below to let me know.
  2. Sign up to follow Making Home Homemade via email. The button and field to do this is listed to your left. Let me know you did it by writing a comment below.
  3. Add Making Home Homemade to your Bloglovin' feed. After you have done so, write a comment to tell me!
  4. Select "Like" on the Facebook page of TheUpcycledPillow. Once again, write a comment below to keep me up to date.

On Tuesday, December 13th I will select a random winner from the comments on this post and will notify the winner.

Good luck lovely people!


  1. Lisa, I love Etsy! I am so happy you are using such beautiful fabrics to make such usable pillows!

  2. Lisa, what a creative idea! Not very many "manly" options to choose from, so if I win I'm going with the chocolate polka dots! Hooray for entrepreneurship!

  3. Hey Lisa,

    The pillowcases are lovely. I've got your blog in my google reader. Thank god for rss!

  4. Hey Lise! I've got you in my google reader as well. Does it count if I follow/heart-ed your shop on etsy as well? :) I love these pillow cases!

  5. Okay, following Upcycled Pillow on fb now too.

  6. love you, love your pillows, like you on FB :) Amy

  7. Yes please :) I love all the pillowcases you have posted on your shop. You are just so creative my friend.


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