Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Kind of Haitian Name is Steve?

Meet Steve, my Haitian love. 

He is 8-12 years old, so (duh) I am not talking about romance. But this kid, though he has no idea, is in my prayers every day. After meeting him at a dump, I love him.

Here’s all I know about Steve:
  • Steve is shy
  • Steve forages for food, clothing, and money at a Haitian garbage dump
  • Steve wears mismatching flip flops
  • Steve has the most beautiful smile
  • Steve is dirt poor
  • Steve does not go to school
  • Steve hangs out all day with 40+ men and women that are all trying to feed themselves and their families
  • He also hangs out with 300lbs. pigs and hundreds of goats
  • Steve carries everything precious to him around in a zip-lock bag because it’s the only place he has to keep it safe.
  • His ziplock bag has some coins, other knick-knacks, and a Kreyol gospel booklet.
  • Steve represents Haiti to me: survival, smiles, poverty, hope.

When I think of him, I wish I had hugged and kissed him more and made sure that he knew I would be praying for him. It’s hard to understand and process everything that you see in a new and struggling country in the moment.

I really hope I’ll get to see Steve again.

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