Friday, October 22, 2010

The Art of Living in Cincinnati

I love moments that remind me that I LIVE already in a city where adventures, culture, and community can be experienced. I've learned that, for a city of it's size, Cincinnati is passionate about the arts, and supports, participates and honors them all. Not only is Cincinnati going to be hosting the 2012 World Choir Games (the first ever American city to do so), but smaller events happen all over the city. Two examples:
The Paint the Street event in Over the Rhine (one of my favorite neighborhoods in Cinci). Sorry, they don't allow the vid to be embedded.

And also the Splash Dance (more often called flash mob) on Fountain Square, the central hub of downtown. The image below was used on the Cincinnati Fine Art Fund fundraising post cards this year. The spectators were great at this event....but the dancers were even better. Members of the Cincinnati Ballet coordinated and led the dance themselves.

Image Courtesy of The Cincinnati Enquirer

You can see my girl Amy in the second group that starts dancing; blond in the white shirt. All of the music is by Cincinnati musicians and groups!

Moral of the story : do you know your city?

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