Sunday, August 15, 2010

Favorite Photos of Haiti 2010

These pics are my favorite from the recent Haiti trip. I like these photos because I feel they reflect something about Haiti that I want to remember. Enjoy! My favorite one is the very last. (Also please note, when I make the pics XL, as I've done here, my blog cuts off the left side....I'm working on it, but make sure to click on the last pic to see the whole thing. There's another beautiful smiling girl on the side.)

Steve Living off the Dump
Boy in His House
Boy at Church
Nuggets Waiting for Candy
Masses of Children to Love
Poor School Boy with Coloring Book
Playing Games
Asking for Treats
Runner Up for My Favorite Picture : Dod is Dood
Port au Prince Destruction
My Favorite Pic! Cuties Laughing!

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