Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Secret Dorkdom

Most people don't know about my excessive dorkdom. Privately I am queen of the Dorkdom Kingdom. Need proof?

1. Times I have read Lord of the Rings in full? - Lost count at 12 several years ago
2. Have I ever created my own language? - Yes, well, a written one at least
3. Favorite genre? - Duh, Sci Fi and/or Fantasy...both in literature and media. Ex. Stargate Atlantis, Avatar : The Last Airbender, The Dark Crystal
4. Favorite author - Isaac Asimov

Now. I just HAVE to let you all know about the thing that recently sent my geek world reeling:

~The creators of MYST and RIVEN are creating a new game! ~

That is, they will if they reach their Kickstarter goal. Oh, the hours and notes that my dad and I invested working our way through these games. I say with pride that we never used the help books. If you aren't familiar, MYST and RIVEN are are immersive games that transport you to a new world where exploring and complex puzzling is your only aim. Beautiful graphics and emotive music penetrate your imagination.

This video introduces the world to Cyan, Inc.'s new project, Obduction :

Support them on Kickstarter and get this closet-nerd her next fix! 

In the meantime, get jazzed by looking at some of the concept sketches they have released thus far.

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