Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Playing with Text : Handwritting and Calligraphy

Custom lettering is in the process of rebirth or rejuvenation, but mostly, the process of re-appreciation. With so many diverse and beautiful fonts available for free (and we won't have it any other way!!!), the we acknowledge that there is still something remarkable about "custom".

These are a few of my projects focusing on custom type in the last months. I even jumped into calligraphy! Check it out...

Custom calligraphy for a magic-themed medical software convention...yes you read that correctly. This project was such a treat! Black envelopes with gold liner and gold calligraphy. It took me upwards of 16 hours, but I would do it again.

"Live a Little" created for Dirty Helen Paper Company

Screen print design for a mission trip tee

Check out more designs at lisalangenhop.com

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