Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gift Wrap Up

My family has Christmas traditions. One of which involves our yearly choices of wrapping paper. As soon as some of us were wrapping gifts on our own and out of the house (think college and beyond), we have chosen to classify our gifts with color and design. Each of us picks a single, statement worthy paper that will designate which gifts originate with which family member. We each handle it a little differently; I choose what I think will look best as an assembled stack of gifts. Sister Middle chooses her favorite personality design. Sister Youngest chooses the ugliest kitschy illustration paper she can locate. Ma and Da use gift labels that are still marked with "From : ?".

(Side note to parents, I don't know if I've ever stated out loud that I know it's you leaving the "?" gifts, and not santa. Don't stop now though!)

I am approaching the 2010 decision. Here are the current contenders. I won't post which I use until after Christmas...I won't spoil it for the fam! Any favorites?

Madline Gift Wrap/Wrapping Paper. 100 percent post consumer recycled paper. 4 sheets. 971
Madline Double Sided Gift Wrap by Smock
Marimekko® Mustikkamaa Gift Wrap
Marimekko® Kantele Gift Wrap

Snow & Graham Designer Print - Winterberry
Snow & Gram - Winterberry Paper

Christmas folk trees 3 metre roll wrap
Christmas Folk Trees Wrapping Paper
SNÖVITA Gift wrap, roll assorted colors Length: 5 ½ yard Width: ¾ yard  Length: 5 m Width: 0.7 m
Snovita Gift Wrap - IKEA

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