Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shop Local, Here and Everywhere

I am a big proponent of shopping local. Facts are facts...65% of profit from a purchase goes directly back to the neighborhood in other business. Naturally, none of us can live on what is available only locally, but for gifts, seasonal produce, and - well whatever IS local to your area - go for it! Support your own community with your shopping habits. Patronize the stores and restaurants you don't want to loose. Choose your economics! You can! You can! (My favorite place to do this in Cinci {and my favorite place in general} is the Findlay Market.)

The town which provides my full-time employment is Wyoming, OH. It's a small Cincinnati neighborhood with class and elegance. Several small business owners have launched a campaign to encourage the Wyoming, OH residents to participate in the local economy. One of these store owners, of Dottie G Tennis Totes and Bags, asked for a logo as a visual association to the cause. Yes yes! Good luck Wyoming Business Association!

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