Monday, February 22, 2010

Pick your Poison

At mid to high range, coastal, Chinese restaurants, you are greeted by tanks upon tanks of live entrees.

Yes, you literally get to point and pick your evening meal. Our host took us to this restaurant in the downtown area of Fuzhou, China. Being a born and bred midwestern girl, I couldn't even name half of the creatures in the murky tanks. When my host gestured to the whole room and said, "what for dinner?", all I could do was smile and say, "fish!", and trust the rest to luck.

That night we feasted on warm corn juice, boiled whole flounder, seahorse soup, veggie jello pizza (my best guess), and beef tail. Not too bad considering my earlier generalization!

The seafood chefs at our restaurant in Fuzhou

Dinner a la live crabs

The chopping block : Public viewed fate of all seafood previously pictured

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