Friday, January 22, 2010

big wheels keep on turning

New experiences in travel always change me a little bit. They expand my perspective of the world and of myself. In a pleasurable way, travel is an instructional tool. The cultures, food, flora, irony–the diversity blows my world view out of the water every time. And it puts me in my place. To see things beyond my sphere of life allows me to know:
1. I actually have a sphere of life (contained by my relationships, interactions, and circumstances)
2. In the grand scheme, it is rather limited.

When I think about what I don't know, that is glorious or humorous and yet obscure to me, I can barely avoid time stealing to browse expedia for cheap flights and food network for restaurant reviews.

As German beet farmer Dwight Shrute once said, "I've got nothing on my horizon, except everything."

In this blog, I hope you can see little parts of the world that I've experienced in my travels.


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