Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Team Twilight Shirts-UPDATED!

It's Twilight season again! We've updated and improved our artisan Team Twilight Shirts.

The Crandalllight Tees are:
100% organic cotton.
Printed in the USA
100% cooler and more unique than other Team Twilight shirts on the market.

Our shirts are available on Ebay at the following links.
Team Edward
Team Jacob
Team Mike

BTW thanks sweet Lauren for modeling for us!


  1. Are you still making these? I want to get a team Edward for my husband and a team Jacob for his nephew, for (joke) Christmas presents, as I forced them both to go see breaking dawn with me. Your design is my favorite I've seen...not so twilighty. Please email me if you get this comment and are still in the business of making and selling these shirts. Thanks. Whitney

  2. Hi Whitney! I will send you an email this morning. I do still have some of these shirts for sale. Thanks a bunch!


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