Tuesday, November 11, 2008

twilight tee-time!

Just when you were about to worry your little head over what to wear when you go to see Twilight this Thanksgiving, we have unveiled the completed T-shirt designs for you avid fans out there! Pick your favorite mythical (or not so mythical...poor Mike) loverboy to support! Or get one of each, if you're the fickle type.
Each tee costs 12.99 + shipping and handling. The colors are standard for each "team" and are made in a vintagey wash. They are available in S/M/L and other sizes upon special order. Email info@crandalllight.com to order yours!
(In case you were like "who is that babe!?" in the pictures, that's Lisa, the author and perfector of these tees. You may be surprised to know that she is not a professional model in spite of her various perfectly-placed hand and arm gestures in each picture.)
Team Mike forever!

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